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Dedicated to Empowerment

     The Due Influence is a platform to provide more positive and purposeful content available online, especially for students and young professionals. This will be done in an informative and influential format that can foster mentorship and networking opportunities.  We wish to influence in a  powerful and positive way.

     Reaching your goals and following your dreams is a feat that is more difficult for some than others.  There are several factors that contribute to one’s success including, but not limited to, education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.   There are also limitations to success that can include gender, socioeconomic status, and access to educational opportunities.  The purpose of this platform is to level the playing field for success and make knowledge accessible to those who seek it.

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Olutayo Sogunro, CEO Platform Creator

Founder and Platform Creator


I am a board certified General Surgeon by training and currently practice Acute Care and Trauma Surgery.  Medicine and Education are my passions.  I have been involved in medical education and enjoy teaching and mentoring students.  I wish to influence the next generation in a  powerful and positive way. Welcome to The Due Influence! 

A Special thank you to the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain for the support of this vision.

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