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What to do Next? Chase your Dreams or Chase a Check

By: Anuoluwapo Sogunro

So, you’ve graduated. After spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, it seems like no one is offering you that corner office to go along with that degree.

Now, as a fully educated adult, you have to make some tough choices. Do you take whatever job you can take so you can afford to pay your bills and hardly make a dent in those loans? Or do you chase your dreams even if that leaves you broke? Do you move back home with your parents? Do you lock yourself in a basement somewhere and hope that no one comes to find you?

Some people need to work retail, entry level, or even intern some more. Some people need to go back home and save that extra money. Some people get that perfect opportunity right away. Finally, some people are smart enough to stock up enough supplies to stay in that basement forever.

Not everything works for everyone. It is also okay to have your own timeline. The following are three examples of people doing what they need to do.

Person One: Albert

Albert chose to sleep in his car in order to save enough to self-publish his children’s book.

Leave everything else on the sidelines. Focus on your ideal future: job, career, financial, relationship, family. Whatever it may be for you--go full tilt and work towards getting it.

Spend all night writing and go to work on two hours of sleep if you have to. The only people who ever accomplish anything are those who accomplish them. You have to dedicate time to whatever your goals are. Find your drive and your passion and let it fuel you through it.

Person Two: Leyla

Leyla lost her dream job at a non-profit when they ran out of money. She took a job at a big box retail store working with teenagers to pay the bills. She became a supervisor and made enough to turn her side hustle into a full on business.

You can prioritize what is most important for you right now, and work towards those goals. That means if you have to work at a shitty job all day, work it well.

Go home and do the rest. Don’t lose focus by putting your whole self into your day job and losing sight of your dream.

Pro Tip: Match up your effort to how much they pay you. If you are only getting paid $17.50 per hour, put only 17.5% of yourself into doing a good job. This doesn’t mean slack off; it means don’t take that work home with you. Remember, you have a future to focus on.

Person Three: A.J.

A.J. is a part-time server nearing thirty. He still lives at home and is an aspiring D.J. He spends most of his time chasing girls and trying to get people to notice him on social media. Just like he doesn’t pay rent, he doesn’t work on any music...but he’s still waiting on his big break.

You can sit around hating your job and everything about where you are, waiting on that big idea or for a pot of gold to fall out of the sky. While there are no guarantees in life, option three will guarantee a lot of miserable wasted time, never enough money, and a lot of regret.

Even though the names have been changed, each of these people is based on someone real. It is likely that you know one or are one. Which person are you now? Which person do you want to be? Remember your goals. Make a checklist of what you have done and what you need to do today. Don’t wait. Whether you reach your goals or not, don’t let anyone say you didn’t try.

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